The Tyranny of Media, Social Media

Media and Social Media, like any other neutral tool can sometimes be used for socially disruptive and destructive ends. In the US, for instance, a small time restaurant owner who made a simple honest comment because of their family’s religious beliefs that offended a single member of the gay community, was attacked by media and crucified by social media without due basis and in neither just nor righteous manner. The restaurant owner suffered interminably and lost a lot of business because of the slanderous attacks of media and persecution by social media.

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When Cong. Manuel Pacquiao quoted the Bible about the intriguing issue about sex, homos and lesbians went up in arms against Pacquiao and like the restaurateur, he was also cruficied via the media and the social media. However, the reference to the Bible was deleted during the attacks against Pacquiao. It appears media and social media prefer not to attack and offend whoever might be behind the Bible.

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Recently, several people are being assaulted first through social media and then more recently, through the media for being alleged murderers of an assistant VIP room manager of Solaire hotel casino, Ms. Edgel Durolfo who also uses the pseudonym of Jhoy Mercado.

Ms. Durolfo died of internal organ failure, as per the doctors at San Juan de Dios where she perished and she had induced heroin-based drug, Ecstasy into her system before her death. Ms. Durolfo was nursing an internal organ disease long before she died. She did not show signs of being a heavy drinker but she was always drawn to smoking. This type, in most cases, is usually that of persons addicted to stimulating drugs. Stimulant drug addicts normally smoke but stay away from consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It was reported that at the late Ms. Durolfo’s resolve and firm insistence to purchase Ecstasy and have a drug party, despite suffering from a malady from defective internal organ(s) that she vehemently refused to be checked by doctors, the boyfriend was forced to obtain the drugs for her. Has her own supplier ceased to sell her Ecstasy?

Allegedly her boyfriend, one Rodney Ynchausti, who is being linked by netizen supporters of the family to actor Tirso Cruz III, was not in favor of having a party being too tired from work but the late Edgel Durolfo coaxed him into joining her at a small party among friends at her complimentary room the Solaire casino hotel. (Earlier media reports from Philippine Star and Tempo, among others claim the boyfriend, close friends and the deceased checked in at a room at the Solaire casino hotel. This is far from true since the late Ms. Durolfo had the privilege of using a room free of charge in view of her high position at the hotel.)

A report from the media states that Ms. Ethel Durolfo – a sister of the deceased – was also in Solaire casino. If the late Edgel Durolfo was the breadwinner of her family (her father is a carpenter and her mom is a vendor) what was Ethel Durolfo doing inside the hotel? Is she a member of the Solaire Staff, the Management or is she a Solaire casino guest? Does she gamble regularly if she is a guest? Does she have a steady source of income? Ms. Ethel Durolfo is presently the one providing media various statements accusing people close to the deceased of murder. Media paints her out as having come to the Philippine National Police unit in charge of the case to make charges of murder, strangling of her deceased sister.

Ethel Durolfo (photos shown below with family and friends) keeps pointing to the friends and fiance of her sister as the murderers without qualifying why on earth will murderers take pains to bring a loved one to the clinic and a hospital if their intention was to kill the deceased?



This sister of the deceased and her parents could have been the cause of the sudden appearance of policemen at the hospital.

And yet, the law enforcement authorities have not even made full investigations yet into the matter. They kept saying, as if it was the deceased who was posting in social media: Find my murderer boyfriend!  Beware of my killer boyfriend!” A member of the Durolfo family most possibly one Elfren Durolfo and the siblings, created a facebook page called Justice for Jhoy Mercado / Justice for Edgel Joy Durolfo. When the hospital declared the cause of death to be renal failure which ultimately will conclude with organ failure, the family suddenly removed the facebook page. Recently, the facebook page was revived with a different set of pictures.

If the law enforcers find out why Ms. Ethel Durolfo was in the casino and what she was doing there, and if what she was engaged in was not work-related, it will definitely point to the suspicion that the intention for creating a murder scenario is motivated by an overwhelming desire to extort a huge sum of money at the expense of creating a dirty controversy over the remains of the poor deceased, the late Ms. Edgel Durolfo. If it will be proven true that they are indeed extortionists, they might think they have hit the jackpot considering the wealthy relations of the so-called persons of interest. It is also possible that the family cannot collect on insurance if the death was self-induced so they are looking for culprits to qualify the death as an accident.  In that way, the insurance on the dead relative will be paid double.

For all intents and purposes, Ms. Ethel Durolfo can also be a suspect in the death of the late Ms. Edgel Durolfo, being at the vicinity of the scene of the collapse of the deceased at Solaire hotel, and the sudden appearance of police officers.

We hope for a much more honest and clean resolution of this case, and exhort authorities to play a more active role in rooting out the drug menace in the country. But anyhow we can only watch out for more grim developments relating to this case.


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